Scarfini Art Fin – FX Libertine

AED 265


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  • Description

    Product Description

    FX 2.5

    Size: M (60-80 kgs)

    These medium size fins feature a larger base to generate instant speed and drive with an upright and short rake to maintain good holding power but minimazing drag. The slightly smaller centre fin for a quicker tail release. Excellent in any surf conditions.

    Front Fin

    Base: 113mm/ 4.5″

    Height: 117mm/ 4.61″

    Area: 9780mm2/ 15.20″2

    Centre Fin

    Base: 111mm/ 4.37″

    Height: 115mm/ 4.53″

    Area: 9520mm2/ 14.75″2

    Material: Handmade honeycomb fibreglass Shark Skin Coating